Do you have sensitive skin?Do you apply a product to your skin and it immediately makes your skin red or it actually burns? Or maybe your skin always feels dehydrated. This a common concern I see with many clients, simply put the Epidermal Barrier is compromised and frankly trashed from over use of active ingredients, lifestyle chooses, or even stress.

How does the Epidermal Barrier Work?

Think of the stratum corneum, that top layer as bricks and mortar, the bricks are glued together by fats such as ceramides and fatty acids. Together this forms a layer of protection, protecting you from ultraviolet sun rays, toxins, pollution, irritation and dehydration. It also helps regulate water loss from the inside out, helping to retain moisture and keeps your skin hydrated. Simply put it is the roof that keeps the ugly out and keeps the goodness in.

What happens when you damage the Epidermal Barrier?

Now you have lost that protection which will result in premature aging, pigmentation, inflammation, dehydration and more. It also can mean toxins can more easily enter into the body. Now you understand why your Epidermal Barrier is your BFF, it is protecting you.

What causes Epidermal Barrier Damage?

I find that most of the damage comes from stripping the skin of its natural oils with harsh cleansers and scrubs, often because you are trying to get rid of acne or erase those pores. (Over stripping the skin will actually produce more oil and you can not erase your pores.) Sometimes using acne medications or the wrong type of retinol or over use of Retin-A can break down the glue that is keeping your stratum corneum intact.

How do you fix it?

Good news is you can repair your epidermal barrier; it just will need some targeted formulations from Pharmaceutical Grade skincare. First, stop all active products like exfoliants, retinols, and vitamin C for about a month. You need to focus on healing, hydrating, nourishing and being gentle. The cleanser should be gentle and healing. Moisturizers should include ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, Ceramides, Squalane, Beta-Glucan, or Shea Butter. I also recommend targeted serums to help repair the function of the skin, as well as some internal suggestions to help heal from the inside out. Lastly, let us not forget about a zinc oxide SPF each and every day.

I am here for you!

Many of you are overdoing it with your skin routines; I strongly recommend you take the time to understand your skin by talking to a professional that can help educate you on what your skin actually needs. For more support with your Epidermal Barrier Health, book a complimentary virtual consultation for skincare support and skin health suggestions. I would also recommend our Hydrofacial Treatment to help infuse hydration back into the skin.