“For too long the quest of youthful skin has usually meant using harsh ingredients that result in temporary benefits and often age the skin faster. I created Osmosis Beauty to help move away from the old idea of wounding the skin and instead embrace the science base reality that even better results can be had by empowering the skins innate ability to heal itself.”
Dr. Ben Johnson, MD

Having worked years in a medical laser and cosmetic studio I could see that these words were very accurate. The results were just temporary, even my own skin was aging due to all the harsh skincare and laser procedures I had done to get rid of my acne. This is how I found Osmosis Beauty, I wanted skincare that worked at the cellular level and had ingredients that would nourish healthy skin and healthy cells.

Osmosis Beauty is rooted in the science of the skin-body connection, it goes more than skin deep to target the source of common skin concerns. They combine the most effective detox strategies with medical grade, non toxic, topical formulations to achieve authentic transformations and over all well being.

Osmosis MD, which is what I sell, has a remarkable collection of patented and exclusive ingredients that cannot be found in other skincare. Osmosis MD specifically targets the dermal-epidermal junction with patented oxidation repair technology and vital lipids and proteins encourage a healthier epidermal protection barrier, while gently driving in the components the skin does desperately need for active repair at the cellular level.

Frankly the magic is all in the Liposomal Delivery, each cell is protected by a phospholipid  bilayer. This layer is the major component that forms the cell membrane; it acts as a gate, allowing certain molecules to pass into the cell. Osmosis Beauty uses a liposomal delivery system to transport age reversing and healing ingredients across the lipid barrier and into the skin. Specifically, the ingredients are coated with a phophatidylcholine that has shown to increase product penetration by 600%. This is all essential for development of healthy cells and to create a strong epidermal barrier, protecting you from aging factors such as UV rays, environmental toxins, blue light, and trans- epidermal water loss.

My skin, in my fifties, is healthier than it has ever been. To learn more about this amazing skincare, I offer a complimentary skincare consultation to share with you the benefits of these amazing products and to try a few samples too. Book your Skincare Consult today through Facebook, or through the book now on my Instagram page, skincarecorrectivesyyj or call for more information.