Maybe you already are someone who takes a bath for stress relief or muscle soothing. When taking my holistic training, I really wanted to live a life that took care of my whole health. This was important as I was in my 50’s and I wanted to be mindful of taking care of myself, this is what brought me to better understand the need and benefit of bathing. Let me share with you some of that research I found regarding the Art of Bathing.

Can you say Hemodynamic Function?

Taking a bath can help prevent against heart disease by improving what is called “hemodynamic function”, this is the way that the blood is able to be pumped efficiently through our body. Warm water will help the body’s heart beat faster, giving it a healthy work out. Likewise, too hot of water can have a negative response, it can put strain on the heart, especially someone who already has a pre-existing heart condition. When the blood flows and circulation is increased, it is like a mini workout. When we sweat it will actually burn calories, just like if you took a walk. Who does not like that idea to lose some weight just by sitting in a bath?

Who needs congestion relief?

Another health benefit is helping to breathe easier. I struggle with allergies and sinus concerns; I have learned that because your chest is under water, this can influence your lung capacity and oxygen intake. The temperature of the water will help the heart beat faster; increasing the oxygen levels and the steam can help to clear the sinuses and the chest.

Mental Health Benefits!

Taking a bath also gives the body the feeling of comfort, and mimics what it would have felt like being in the womb, which we remember as a safe environment. This helps us to relax, reducing the cortisol response, which helps elevate our mood. Warm water will also increase levels of serotonin, which helps increase well-being and peace. The warm water will also help sore and tight muscles to relax. If we add bath salts this will also help reduce inflammation within the body. This is a win after a long hard day at work, especially if our minds are racing and our bodies are sore from working out or physical labor.

How do you prepare your body to sleep?

Probably my favorite benefit is how it can help us sleep better. At night our body temperatures drop naturally which will signal the melatonin production, think of this as the sleep hormone. Remember when we are in the bath, this raises our body temperature, but when we exit this will cool our body temperatures down very quickly which will immediately start the melatonin production and prepare us for bed.

TLC for the skin!

As an esthetician skin health is very important to me, so how does taking a bath help your skin? The key here is not to take too hot of a bath; this will irritate your skin. A warm bath with bathing essentials that has essential oils, coconut, lavender or oatmeal can help hydrate and heal dry and sensitive skin. Not to mention the essential oils will help with your mood and reduce stress.

Introducing our Non Toxic Bathing Products by Bathorium

With all these benefits, I knew I had to find just the right non toxic bathing products. This brought me to Bathorium Bathing Products, a Canadian company that has dedicated time and research to creating just the right products. They use certified organic ingredients, no artificial nasty stuff, like essential oils which leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and restored. We have Bath Bombs, Bath Salts and Bath Milks to enjoy from Bathorium at our studio or through our SHOP option. Just remember to keep your face and head out of the water to prevent overheating, soak for 10 to 15 minutes, breathe and relax.