Not all Vitamin C is created equal, I have tried so many different types over the years, and some would irritate my skin as the percent of the Vitamin C was too high or they would just sit on the surface of the skin doing nothing for me.  Or how many of you have had the serum change color after you open it? It is so frustrating to navigate through all the different products, so I will help make it easier for you.

I love Vitamin C, it is the first serum I introduce to my clients, after of course they are using a cleanser, SPF and Moisturizer of Pharmaceutical Grade quality. Vitamin C boosts the immunity of our skin cells helping to reverse aging, reduce pigment, decrease scar tissue and heal acne. Now the skin can also fight off external damaging factors from the sun, computer screens or free radical damage with the right Vitamin C serum.

The correct form of Vitamin C is so important; Ascorbic Acid is the most stable form and works great in the skin. I like to start off with a lower dose, 5 to 10%, as often a higher percent will cause irritation. You always want a serum, not a cream, toner or oil as these will just sit on the surface of the skin. We need this to penetrate into the epidermis to be absorbed by our cells. Only when this happens will we see changes in the skin.

Are you wondering which one I use? I love my Osmosis Beauty Catalyst AC11, not only is it a Vitamin C but it also has the ability to repair DNA damage in the cells. Two serums in one bottle! Catalyst AC11 is a patented, clinically proven serum that actually activates our cells to repair themselves against aging, pigment, acne scars, capillaries and will also increase skin elasticity. It has a collection of activated amino acids that amplify the Vitamin C to actually repair the DNA of cells.  Research even shows a 64 % reduction in capillaries and redness of the skin and 110% increase of elasticity, after just 8 weeks. This is exciting; you can actually erase the damage from your skin!

Now I am sure you want brighter skin, less wrinkles, smoother skin, and your acne to heal. In addition this serum has Cat’s Claw extract, this helps to repair the DNA damage in the cells, it even has anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to boost the immunity of your skin cells. How does this happen? Through something called Zinc Finger Technology.

What are Zinc Fingers?  Zinc fingers are used by all cells in the repair and formation of DNA, RNA, and proteins. They are composed of an atom of zinc that holds two loops of protein together to form a “finger.” Osmosis Catalyst AC11 uses these zinc fingers to aid in the repair of damaged DNA by “turning on” the repair gene so the damage can be “cut” out. Repairing damaged DNA impacts several aspects of skin health including • Rebuild Collagen • Provide Sun Protection • Pigment Control • Prevent Scarring • Heal “Broken” Capillaries • Heal the Skin

Vitamin C is best when applied in the AM, as it helps boosts your skins immunity, to protect from sun exposure. However, you can use it both AM and PM if desired for even better results. Wash your skin first and then massage in your Vitamin C serum, this is important to increase the circulation in your skin and help drive the serum into the skin. Finish off with a Hydrator/Moisturizer, Eye Cream and in the AM  apply a zinc oxide SPF as the last step.